“I have finished garments, can CRW Design change my labels?”

- Yes. If you have stock garments that you want to remove and/or change labels or add labels, we can help. It’s best to contact us with the type of garment, label format and location for more information and pricing.


“What if I have my own pattern and want to do production?”

- If you have your own pattern, we can work with it to produce your garments. Paper patterns, on tissue paper, craft paper or other thin paper will not work for production. If these are the types of patterns you have, let us know and we can duplicate it to hard copy or a digital copy. This will also allow us to double check the pattern, to ensure it fits, the notches and important sewing information is included. Please note, we will not go into production with your own pattern, without an approved sample created by our factory.


“What’s the first step if I want to create a garment?”

- Contact us! It’s best to let us know the style of garment, fabric ideas and finishing needs as well as have a starting point – bring in a garment similar you’d like to replicate or develop. This provides us with a starting point to review the design, discuss fabric options based on the design and provide an estimate on pricing to get things started.


“I already have a factory doing my sewing, but I need to expand”

- Not a problem. We often recommend that when customers begin to grow, it’s best to have a few contractors working for you. Because production times can vary from month to month, if the current contractor is busy and a rush order is needed, it is best to have a few contractors working for you than to have a lengthy waiting period. We can help arrange this or we can work on the styles you’d like to provide us. 


“What is the minimum production run?”

- CRW Design provides customer with low minimums on production. A starting production requires 100 pieces of a style. These 100 pieces can be a combination of 3 colour-ways and up to 5 sizes. Additional colour-ways or sizes may incur an additional cost. Please note, pricing can only be provided once a production sample has been approved and fabric is confirmed.


“What are production timelines?”

- Delivery timelines vary, but it’s safe to estimate 4-6 weeks from the date fabric, trim and all sewing requirements are received at CRW Design. Customers will be provided with a fabric delivery window and an estimated production completion date. We recognize that sometimes orders are rushed, but because quality is a big part of our service, we do not accept rush orders even with an additional fee. It’s important to us that all our customers are treated equally and fair and receive the same timelines. We believe quality is more important than being able to complete orders in less time.


“What are the payment terms?”

- All development, pattern making and sampling is paid in full prior to starting the process. Customers will be provided with a project estimate for approval which will outline the development costs ahead of time. Only an estimated production cost is provided at this time – until the sample is created and fabric is finalized, can a production cost be provided

- All production requires a 50% deposit prior to production and the balance before shipping or pick up. 


“How can payment be made?”

- We accept email transfers, cheque or cash. Visa or MasterCard is also accepted but will incur a 4% processing fee to the amount being paid.

“I have a Non-Disclosure Agreement or would like CRW Design to sign one, can this be done or provided?”

- Yes. We understand and respect that customizing garments takes allot of time and creativity. Something that we respect. CRW Design does not share patterns, design ideas, custom information or production details between customers. If you would like an NDA signed, you can send us your copy, or we have a template you can also use.

“What are the terms of production services from CRW Design?”

- CRW Design is committed to working with customers to ensure each step of the production process is clearly outlined and there are no hidden surprises. Our Service Agreement and Terms and Conditions can be found at the following link or check out our Articles page for more information