Sewing Production

CRW Design is committed to manufacturing in CANADA. All production is completed in Ontario and because of our partnerships with various sewing factories, we are able to complete small and large production runs.

All our team members and partners are highly skilled in their area of sewing, with each team member having over 10 years of experience and are committed to providing customers with high quality apparel.

Our minimums for sewing production is 100 pieces per style. These 100 pieces can be a combination of 5 sizes and up to 3 colourways. Pricing varies and can be affected by, but not limited to, labelling, sewing needs, number of pattern pieces, fabric, thread and finishing options.


Because CRW Design is committed to providing customers with a high quality garment ready for sale, we have a series of quality checks that are put in place during production. We do our best to ensure all of our garments are free of loose threads and defects, any fabric concerns are reviewed and forwarded to our customer and any “seconds” during production are kept separate from the final production. During the sewing process, each of our sewers are watching for fabric flaws and/or sewing challenges that are then discussed with our customers right away.

Once the garment is sewn, our quality team check each individual garment to ensure the labels, sizing, and the sewing are correct, and that all finished garments match the customer’s approved sample. 

The final step is the finishing; where our team once again checks the garments, provides the packing requirements requested by the customer, checks one last time before counting to confirm quantities and has the garments ready for the customer.