Development and Design

The first step when developing garments is to understand the style, target market and distribution of the brand. CRW Design will discuss and work with customers to start the process. 

Garment Development

Our design team will work with you to develop your design ideas providing guidance and support in:

    -  Understanding the style of garment and target market

    -  Helps to identify the best type of knit fabric as well as the sewing process.

    -  Determine the right sewing techniques
    -  Garment fittings and adjustments

Fabric Sourcing

We work with many stock fabric suppliers to provide easy access and support to choose and source the best fabrics for your designs.

We also partner with Canadian Fabric Knitters to provide you with an option of developing your fabric; choosing yarn, fabric weight, content and colour.  This option can be very cost effective for customers looking to take their customization to a higher level.

Style Design

We provide customers with the option to customize how their garment will look once it’s created. Changing the stitching colour, the type of stitching, how a neckline will finish, adding zippers, pockets, darts, vents etc… a small change like changing how a hem is sewn, can make a garment change its shape and fit. This also opens up a wide variety of decorating options that are not often available on a finished garment. 

Trim, Labels, Tabs and Hangtags

When customizing your garment, trims such as buttons, zippers, drawcord, labelling, heat transfers and tagging are all easy ways to make your garment more unique. Having your company name and/or logo/brand sewn to your garment, provides a higher value to consumers.  We work with customers to develop and provide location options for labelling garments, trim options as well as design ideas for hem tags and hang tags.

Decorating / Embellishing

Decorating your garment can be an important way to distinguish your brand from others.  Although we do not offer printing or embellishing in house, we work with customers to choose the best decorating technique(s) based on brand design, garment style and budget.

Once these decisions are made, we work with customers to development their pattern.