Pattern Services

We offer computerized or hard copy pattern making, grading and marker making. For digital patterns, we work with the PAD system to create and grade patterns for production.

We can create and grade your pattern based on your own criteria or using a standard grading rule if needed. All we need is a sample or an idea of the design, and we can help make the perfect pattern. Pattern making ranges in price from $125 and up for the first pattern. Grading is an additional cost and depends on the pattern and required sizes.



Once the pattern has been created, a production ready sample will be created for approval. Only once the sample and all finishing has been approved, will the pattern be graded and the production process begin. Sampling can range in cost starting at $100 and up.  Samples that require changes and/or resampling, will incur additional pattern and sample costs.

Sampling is a service we provide customers who are doing their production with CRW Design.  We recommend that customers looking to do production with another factory, have that factory create their production sample. 

It’s important to remember that all factories sew differently and to ensure you get the production you expect, have your sample created and approved first.

Once the sample has been approved and the pattern graded, the production process begins.